I am waiting for these things to happen! When something on this list does happen, I will cross it out and move it to the NSV page. Things on this list appear in no particular order. I'll also be adding things to the list as I think of them.

I am waiting to:
  • have clearly defined collarbones
  • be able to get onto and back up from the floor easily and a bit more gracefully
  • not be stiff when I wake up in the morning
  • be able to run up and down the stairs
  • be able to wear my pretty bras again
  • be able to cross my legs
  • not have to worry if the seatbelt on a plane will fit
  • wear jeans and a tucked-in white shirt and feel great in that outfit
  • be able to wear my black "opera" winter coat
  • not have rolls of fat on my back
  • be able to bend over and easily tie my shoes
  • feel pretty
  • wrap a bath towel all the way around me